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Our Services


Language translation
Document translation from various languages

Medical translation
Documentation for medical devices, drug registration dossiers, user interface for medical software and documentation

Technical translation
Manuals, product specifications

Website translation
Multilingual web sites of various languages

Foreign Language typesetting
Specializing in Asian and Middle Eastern languages

Interpreters for medical, immigration and legal appointments

Sub-Titling / Voice Recording / Dubbing
ICD provides subtitling translation solutions that enable production companies to make their existing audio visual programs readable for foreign language audiences. ICD can provide original translation subtitling, proof reading, spotting into and from over various languages for a wide variety of media:

§ film
§ video
§ television
§ commercials
§ corporate presentations

Online Multilingual Dictionary
(Under Construction)

ICD specializes in graphic images for use on web pages, print media, and multimedia presentations. We create high quality graphics using the latest graphic design technology.

Utilizing traditional and electronic art production, we can design your online presence and business packages including:

  • Logo designs
  • Web site, web graphics, and web page design
  • Banner designs
  • Print and graphic design services

ICD's commitment to our customers is to provide the highest quality graphic design, photo and image retouching, and web design services. We can handle all aspects of the design process from initial concept to final production. We have the latest graphic design software and extensive design education and experience. Our customers include many recognised companies from all sectors such as entertainment industry, political sectors, small businesses, accredited education establishments, and non-profit organizations.